Sunday Bible Fellowships are small groups that meet at the church on Sunday mornings. Groups meet year-round. While all of our SBF groups are structured the same, they each possess their own unique dynamic. So, visit a few groups before committing to one.

If you would like assistance finding a group on Sunday morning, stop by our Welcome Desk in the main lobby; we would love to walk you to the room.

Purpose of Sunday Bible Fellowship

Sunday Bible Fellowship (SBF) exists to equip people to live their lives in the context of Christian community. Christian community is not only Bible study and doing fun things together. Living a life in community means that you are actively participating in the spiritual lives of other Christians and allowing them to participate in yours. This is done through many avenues: group Bible study, prayer, encouragement, admonition, confession of sin, and accountability (to name a few).

SBF’s are smaller communities within the larger community of MBBC. Each SBF group is led by one or more Shepherd Leaders. These men and women are much more than mere teachers or directors; they assist the pastors of the church in the task of shepherding our people.

Why do you need to be a part of a Sunday Bible Fellowship group?

While there is no explicit command in the Bible that all Christians must be a part of a community group, given the size of MBBC, we believe every member of our body needs to be in a SBF group for at least two reasons.

First, you need Christian community.

Christian community is the context for spiritual maturity and missional engagement. You cannot be the person God wants you to be without Christian community, and if you only attend the corporate worship gatherings on Sunday morning, you will likely never live a life in community. SBF is the only ministry in MBBC designed specifically to cultivate Christian community.

Second, you need shepherd leadership.

The pastors of MBBC take seriously the responsibility to shepherd all our members and are always available to our people. However, in a church our size, we are dependent upon key Shepherd Leaders to help us in that endeavor. These are the men and women who lead our SBF groups. For you to get the shepherd care every Christian needs, you need to be in a SBF group.

Committing to a Group

Whenever you decide upon the group you want to join, it is important that you officially commit to that group. This communicates to the group and the Shepherd Leaders of the group that you are committing to them and allows them an opportunity to commit to you.

Committing to a group means that you are committing to pursue a life of authentic Christian community with those within that group. It means you are committing to the prayer, admonition, confession of sin, encouragement, and accountability that is included in Christian community. It means that you not only commit to extend these actions of love toward others in the group, but that you also commit to receive these actions from those within the group. Finally, committing to an SBF group means that you are committing to attend the Sunday morning group time as often as you can and to be engaged in opportunities outside of Sunday morning as circumstances allow.
To commit to a group, ask the Shepherd Leader for a SBF Commitment card.

Become a Shepherd Leader

If you are interested in serving as a Shepherd Leader, you may request the Shepherd Leadership Profile and Application.


Room: 2214/2215
Jim & Otisa Prater


Room: 2202
Nelson McKinney

20's - 30's

Room: 2211
Art Bunten,  Jeff & Megan Ginn


Room: 2204
Shirley Laughlin, Mary Lou King, & Linda Johnson


Room: 2204
Rob Tayne, Yogi & Mary Beth Logsdon

Young Women

Room: 2215
Bonnie Bolander, DeAnn Pitts, & Kim Augustine

20's - 30's

Room: 2203
Keith Daniels
, Enoch & Leslie Paris

30's - 40's

Room: 2207
Derek Lieck

Meet at Ranchview High School


Grades 6 - 12

20's - 30's

Jon Little, Greg & Amy Henrichsen

40's - 50's

Bob Bolander & Brent Cole


Room: 2203
Rick Coward, Steve & Bernette Dong


Room: 2207
Harry Nelson
, Grady & Lorene Cox


Room: 2215
Beth Brueggen


Room: 2201
John Sevcik


Room: 2214
Evan Longo, James & Julie Turner

30's - 40's

Room: 2209
Jared Allen, Jordan & Amanda Richardson

Senior Adults

Room: 2204
Tommy Riggins

Senior Adult Women

Conference Room
Margaret Mahand

Choir & Orchestra

Room: 2208
Jerry Angelilli